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Want to be a counselor?

To Apply:

Why be a Chem Camp counselor?

  • Being a Chem or BioChem Camp Counselor is an amazing mentoring experience! You will have the opportunity to mentor children and youth ages 9-14 as they perform real chemistry experiments in BYU undergraduate labs. You will teach them pre-labs and assist them as they perform experiments. You will engage with them during fun science activities. You will share with them your passion for science.
  • You will be paid for training and camp.
  • You will be assigned to either 9/10 and 11/12 camps (general chemistry) or 13/14 camps (biochemistry)


  • Have completed a general chemistry lab (e.g. Chem 107, Chem 113) course or a biochemistry/molecular biology lab course (e.g. MMBio 240).


  • Work full time from June 24 to July 19 (no work on July 4th). Training occurs June 24-July 5. The two weeks of camps will be July 8-19.
  • Be fully committed to mentor children and youth, complete child protection training, and pass a background check.
  • You cannot work another on-campus BYU (or MTC) job during this time. You can return to your other job after the camps are complete.


  • Email Professor Dan Ess (